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Turbat Buritos 3

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Color – red

Turbat Buritos 3 - buritos tent case. Always With horizontal packing, a tent is easy to place in the case, and compression slings will reduce its size. You can also fasten the cover with a fastex to a backpack or mountain bike (on the handlebars) and rest assured that the tent will not get lost along the way. The case is designed for most double tents, but it can be used for equipment and clothing. For example, to separate wet clothes from dry ones.

Purpose: For most double tents, equipment, or clothing.

- horizontal packing
- compression slings to reduce the size of the tent
- possibility of fixing to a backpack or mountain bike (on the handlebars) with a fastex

Material: 68D polyester PU 3000 mm W/R
Size: 18x26x47 cm
Weight: 70 g

Designed in Ukraine

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    Turbat Buritos 3