Who we are?

Turbat is a clothing and equipment brand for adventure travel.

What is charming in this type of travel? Different activities and only 30 liters backpack behind. 

So it doesn’t matter where you go - east or west - one set of our clothes is enough for any adventure. Apparel is light, compact, versatile.

Why did we start?

We are also travelers and have visited a lot of places - from Namibia to Papua New Guinea, got inspiration, experience and… understood what we want in products, but they don't have it. So we realized that we can give those products to the world.

Established in 2014

Our story begun in 2014. Turbat is a part of Gorgany company - one of the biggest outdoor equipment retail chain and distributor of world famous brands. From there we’ve got understanding of market and customer needs.

In 10 years we have grown to 13 people in team, 20 partnership productions all over Ukraine and capacity of 46 956 made products/ year.

Go global

We started locally, but act globally. You can find our products in Canada, South Korea, Germany.

We are two-time winner of the ISPO Award - Oscar of travel industry - for trekking shirt and sleeping bag

What we always keep in mind?

For 10 years we’ve created our own style, do’s and don’ts.

“Unbound.True.Alive” is our slogan and life philosophy. It means keeping yourself in the spirit and values you can meet in the travels. Feeling free of hustle, formal rules, or social requirements and appreciating the moment you are in, people and nature around you, and natural human.

«Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller»

It is important for us to be who we really are. Maybe not suitable for Instagram, maybe the weather was unbearable and «everything went wrong», but we have a lot of interesting stories about what we’ve seen, who we’ve met, and what we’ve realized.

So we createdTurbat to explore, wonder and look for new meanings and stories anywhere on the planet.